Emergency Alert system

Welcome to NCK Tech’s Emergency Alerts

RAVE Alerts

Students at NCK Tech automatically receive college alerts from RAVE Alerts.

If there is a school closing or other emergency, you will be notified via your mobile phone and or by email. If you do not receive any RAVE Alerts from the college, please contact Administration or enroll with RAVE Alerts.

If you are interested in receiving alerts from the college, simply follow the steps below to sign up with NCK Tech Rave Alerts.

1. To sign up, simply navigate to the college Rave Alerts website (Sign-up for Rave Alerts).
2. Click on the Register Now button.
3. Enter your email address, create a password, enter your first name, last name and mobile (cell) phone number.
4. Agree to the Rave Terms and Conditions, click on next.
5. Confirm and verify who your mobile (cell) phone carrier is.
6. Complete the registration.

Once you have signed up, there is nothing more to do. If there is a school closing or an emergency, you will be alerted via your mobile (cell) phone and or by email about the closing. If you have entered any incorrect information, or you have not received any alerts, please check the Rave Alert Errors here to see why you are not receiving any alerts.